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Alan Adams
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Single "9. Trials For His Glory 


Artist:                    Alan Adams
Title Of Album:       Testament
Year Of Release:   2010
Label:                    Alan Adams/Boltthrower Music
Genre:                   Smooth Jazz / Christian
Format:          MP3
Tracks:          14

Tracklist:  Buy NOW:  .99 each     CD Download: $9.99

 1. Would You Go To Heaven  
 2. The Case For Christ 
 3. Alone But For Jesus 
 4. Spiritual Warfare 
 5. Creation 
 6. Saved Through Grace 
 7. Hearing God's Voice 
 8. Reborn A New Creation  
 9. Trials For His Glory
 10. Spiritual Awakening  
 11. What Did Love Evolve From 
 12. Testament 
 13. Faith
 14. Bible Study

Released: November 30, -0001


Album Notes:
This CD has the right mixture of song tempo's, so you can listen to it all day from beginning to end.


Alan Adams uses his life experiences to create a soulful set of smooth jazz instrumental melodies. Using only digital keyboard technology, he draws from his love of Fusion, Jazz, Classical and Rock to compose his own brand of contemporary classical jazz.  With influences ranging from Jeff Lorber to Chic Corea, Beethoven to Grieg, and Robin Trower to Rush, Alan successfully blends a style of music that makes you forget that you are listening to just one artist.


Alan had a wide range of influences to draw from in his twenty-plus years of composing that would eventually serve him to create a music style all his own. Playing with bands and orchestras mostly as a drummer and percussionist in his early days on stage and in studios, was an exciting and fun time in his life. However, it was composing and recording the music where his passion would really grow and mature. While you'll hear ripping drums,  full brass, guitar jams, and many other cool instrument sounds on his CD's, the piano has always been his first love.


As with all of his albums, Alan composes, records, and performs all the music that you hear, showing his wide range of talent and exceptional innovative use of digital keyboard technology.








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