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Will Downing
October 05, 2010
















 Review By: Andrew Reeves


If any artist could speak to the human condition through the universal language of music, Will Downing is just the man to do it. Lust, Love, and Lies released September 14, 2010 on Peak Records, explores the delicate tapestry of romantic love in a manner that defies traditional R&B. Known for his sultry vocals and irresistible sex appeal, Downing brings these traits to bear in an album that has more to offer than simply good music. Dubbed “an audio soap opera” the collection embodies the anticipation of a first encounter, and the gritty aftermath of love lost.
To accent various scenes set to music, Lust includes short clips of dialog that enhance the experience and pull the listener into the story. From the first “hello” to the inevitable last phone call, Downing’s album tells the truth and paints a vivid picture of the highs and lows every relationship experiences. It is truly one of a kind.


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