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CD Review: Lizz Wright - Fellowship
September 28, 2010
















 Review By: Andrew Reeves


Pouring heart and soul into an album is something Lizz Wright does naturally. The Hahira Georgia native, releasing Fellowship on September 28, 2010, returned to the studio after a much deserved hiatus to pursue non-musical interests. Her fourth studio album is a tribute to the gospel origins that influenced her childhood and early career. The jazz infused, blues inspired vocals that made her 2003 debut Salt a hit have not been abandoned.  Wright decided instead to produce a collection of music inspired, not by the “feel good” love ballads of mainstream R&B, but by the deep spiritual values at the core of her upbringing.
If there truly is a way to put a “secular spin on a spiritual”, Lizz Wright has certainly discovered it; and it didn’t take long. “Compared to my previous albums,” Lizz explains “Fellowship was made rather quickly.” She called on an old friend, pianist Kenny Banks, and songwriter Me’Shell N’Degeocello, and attributes the style of this collection to such artists as Gladys Knight, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Overall, Wright has succeeded in producing an album that is as spiritually sacred as it is aesthetically pleasing. In the process she has managed to find a balance between honoring her heritage, and the musical greats that preceded her. Fellowship is a true testament to the way Lizz Wright lives her life. For those of us who find her message so refreshing, there is plenty more where that came from.


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