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Will Downing "Lust, Love & Lies"
September 26, 2010























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Fresh off the release of his new CD "Lust, Love and Lies"  Will Downing came to Los Angeles to thrill the screaming adoring fans  who at one moment was told by Will to get on the bus to go to his next concert date as they sang beautifully at Club Nokia. 
Looking totally dapper and healthy from battling illness from over a year ago Will, graced the stage effortlessly unassisted by a walking stick as he jokingly made reference that he has been sick and a he has kids who need their support when plugging his new CD.
Two lucky ladies who won a contest got the two best seats in the house as a table and chairs were placed on stage for the ladies to sit as one lady gave Will a lightly kiss on the top of his head as she towel dry the streaming sweat without him missing a note.
With his band in tow, the show flowed with ease as they took the audience way back to the 1991 CD "Dream Fulfilled" to the new CD as he sang "Saturday".
A special moment during the show came when Will walked off stage and when he returned he was arm in arm with none other than Stevie Wonder, which brought roars and applause from the crowd.
Being jovial and hints of sexual innuendo’s was the norm for the evening as he engaged the crowd.   In fact one lady from the audience walked up to the stage and handed will a giant size "Mr Goodbar" candy barOne thing for sure, Will knows how to push the ladies buttons with his deep baritone notes which sparked squeals and affirmative yes’s so one thing for sure, as they left the venue the ladies left with a smile on their face.











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