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Jesse Cook at Club Nokia
June 29, 2010












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With a return visit to Los Angeles Jesse Cook, played to a standing room only crowd at Club Nokia. 



Eight months into his latest highly accepted CD Release,  "The Rumba Foundation" Jesse took us on a musical tour from Columbia to Greece, Cuba to Spain and all the while hosting and playing tour guide.



In between his  two set adventure Jesse did a Q&A session with the audiance while tuning his guitar.  With question like how many strings is your guitar and what is the brand, the question that he seem to enjoyed the most was this sports question.



Do you play Hockey?  Being Canadian, it was surprising to find out that he was a lousy hockey player.  And further even more surprising was when he stated that he is a Laker fan.  As he says with such a beam in his eyes as he was right across the street of the home of The Los Angeles Lakers The Staple Center. 



After completing fine tuning his guitar, Jesse stated that the second half of the show will be for those who like to dance and Rumba, as he began to pound his guitar like a drum and the band began to play latin beats  to the  delight of the crowd and as the band frolic on stage with rhymnic hand claps  the crowd   started a  Rumba dance free for all to everyone's delight. 
















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