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CD Review - Jackiem Joyner
Sep 17, 2010



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 Aug 22, 2010










 Review By: Chef Keta


Self-Titled CD Jackiem Joyner is Prodigious! I loved the variation of instruments. So smooth, serene and even had me moving my head. Surely was feeling the music.
"Back Together Again" just how I felt hearing Jackiem again. The introduction that had me grooving to the bass and then the transition of sexiness into the song. Absolutely Astounding!!

Off the Wall..If these words can really describe the feeling..Just felt like he was truly inspired by Michael Jackson to perfect his song so well. Listening had me so captured and could hear "the voice" of the song through the instruments .. Thank you for that Jackiem. It brought me back to the 80's with a smooth flavor. That was just magnificent!!

The song originally done by Aerosmith "I dont want to miss a thing" was always a beautiful song. This was played by Jackiem Joyner with style and grace. Three Words Jackiem Angelic, Divine and simply Delightful!

This Album will surely be one of Jackiem's Best! Every melody was alluring. You can feel his heart playing through every note! Jackiem Joyner Cd is my new cup of Tea..that is waking me up feeling soo sexy. Smooth. Together, and Jazzy!!!

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