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8th Annual Gardena Jazz Festival Aug 22, 2010
 Aug 22, 2010  
  Norman Brown's Summer Storm Tour
  Grammy award winning artist Norman Brown provided an excellent show as he inter-acted with the audience on stage as well as playing and dancing in the crowd.  As Norman scatted even more into the hearts of his fans his Summer Storm tour of Brenda Russell, Jessy J and Gail Jhonson were full of beautiful smiles as they delighted everyone with their own personal hits such as "After The Storm", "Piano In The Dark", "Tropical Rain" among others to the delight of all.
     Norman Brown   Brenda Russell         Gail Jhonson   Jessy J   
  Jackiem Joyner fresh off the new release of new and third CD entitled "Jackiem Joyner" on August 3rd, 2010 has been well received.  This talented artist who is known as a saxophonist played most of all the instruments on this CD.  With 2009 being a big year for Jackiem, "Lil' Man Soul" was on the smooth jazz radio charts for 12-weeks and his single "I'm Waiting For You" was the longest running #1 single on the charts.  But not even those records compares to the reunion with his father, two sisters and brother whom he had not seen since the age of seven. Jackiem has used his  love of movies, experiences and emotions of re-uniting with family has his inspiration to tell his latest story. 
  Congress Woman Maxine Waters who received rousing cheers created a buzz backstage with the artists as well.  The Congress Woman  presented  a proclaimation of thanks to Steven Bradford the Councilman for the City Of Gardena for his efforts in spear-heading the Gardena Jazz Festival for its 8th year.
Damon Rentie
Earl Johnson Jr.









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