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CD Review: Luis Alas "Shades of my Soul" 07/05/16
July 21, 2016  

Shades of My Soul

CD Release Date 07/05/16





















Review By: Althea Turner

Luis Alas "Shades Of My Soul"

Label: 549735 Records DK

I've heard that trying new things, whether it be food, fashion, relationships, music or just about anything, can be uneasy at first.  I believe we've all had that initial feeling of "what if."  What if it taste bad?  What if it doesn't fit?  What if the color doesn't work for me?  What if he/she isn't the right person for me?  Luis Alas was my "what if."

"Shades of my Soul' is a debut CD for Luis and contains three tracks of his original compositions.  I guess you could say he's no stranger to music; he's played saxophone for Anita Baker and George Duke, has toured in over 30 countries and now has decided it's time to go solo.  He is probably having his own personal "what if" moment.   Not to worry Mr. Alas.  From what I'm hearing on this introductory CD, you have defeated your "what if" and so have I.

The titled track, "Shades Of My Soul," opens with a powerful bass line and leads into a smooth groove of "saxiness."  I love a saxophonist who's not afraid to hit every note possible. 

"Bella's Melody" is oh so sweet.  Nothing like two sounds coming together in the most beautiful way.  His saxophone is telling a story on this track and the piano is co-signing to every word.  I can't say what the story is; this is one you interpret individually.  One thing for certain, you will definitely have a different interpretation each time you hear this song.  I believe it's called "reflections" when you can see a mirror image of something or some thing.  Take a listen to this one and reflect.  Beautiful song Mr. Alas, beautiful.

The last track, "Tempes De Couche" had me at hello.  I like blues.  I like gospel.  I like jazz.  However, I LOVE when they can all be combined.  Did I just say combine gospel and blues?  Yeah, I did.  Don't blame me.  Blame Luis Alas for this outstanding composition.  Maybe one day I can ask him about the meaning and title of this track. 

So I asked myself, what if this CD isn't for everyone?  What if the music doesn't speak to everyone as it did to me?  What if you, as a reader, don't listen when I say purchase this new music and add to your collection?  See, there's those "what if" moments.  My "what if" turned into "grateful" after a few listens.  Don't let your "what if" moment take over.  Get this CD and be grateful.


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