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23rd Long Beach Jazz Festival Day 2 Line-up
Day 2 Line-up Aug 14, 2010

Dave Koz, Jonathan Butler w/Special Guest Shelia E.


   Pat Prescott KTWV On-Air Personality Intoduces Dave Koz, Jonathan Butler and Shelia E..




The night was filled with surprises such as Dave Koz "the singer" delighted the crowd with a early first hand sampling from his new CD "Hello Tomorrow,"  which is due out October 12th 2010.  The hour and a half show was filled with his fans favorites songs "Honey Dipped," "Let It Free," among others while he gave the audience in attendance a way to text him to be entered into a drawing to win a trip on his upcoming Smooth Jazz Cruise to Alaska. 


Jonathan Butler and Dave, playfully interchanged leads to the music they performed, while Jonathan sang his signature hit "Sarah, Sarah" and from his new CD "So Strong" he brought on-stage his two daughters to help him sing back-up on the title track.  


Shelia E. dazzled the fans as the VIP's rushed the stage during her solo of "Glamours LIfe" all the while teasing the rabid fans with eight bars of a couple of other songs from her days of being with Prince . 

   Jonathan Butler

  Music Director: Brian Simpson

     Dave Koz 

   Shelia E. 

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  A Tribute to Grover Washington, Jr

    Ronnie Laws, Tom Scott, Chante Moore,             Paul Jackson, Jr., and Jason Miles                   






 Ronnie       Jason        


As the music director Jason Miles and his all-star line-up paid homage to one of the fore-fathers of contemporary smooth jazz, dinner was begin  served, to the VIP's as their musical pallets were being catered too while listening to their favorite GWJ tunes such as "Mister Magic," "Winelight," "Just The Two Of Us" among others. 


Fresh off of his 2008 CD release of "2 Grover With Love" Jason Miles shared a story that he had with Grover's wife as she told him that she has all these live recordings of studio music that has never been heard and if he thinks people would want to hear them.  "We listened for hours as it brought tears to my eyes."  So expect some new Grover tunes in the near future.


                         Chante Moore    Tom Scott          Paul Jackson Jr.

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   Melanie Fiona


2009 was a big year for this artist with a Grammy nomination for her debut CD "Bridges" and nominated for best new artist by the NAACP Image Awards in the  R&B category.  The Candian delivered  a  high energy octane performance.  Along with back-up singers and band members all looking barely 18, captivated the young people in attendance with a blend of Rock & Soul.  

            Sky                     Fan                     Berry

   Jamison         DJ                                                 Darrell - Chris
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As a solo artist, Shilts already has a fan based from his former days as the  bandleader with Down To The Bone. With his thick England accent he spoke to the crowd, a few times asking "Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth."  Jokingly telling the crowd not to mistake his accent for being Australian since he is not bloody from there.  But there was no mistaking the Jazz-Funk grooves that his fans are use to hearing from him.  On a nostalgic note Shilts relived a moment in time when he was a struggling artists and over 20 years ago he was doing a gig on the Queen Mary and when he heard music he went to the Bow of the ship and there he was overlooking the Long Beach Jazz Festival where Miles Davis was the headliner and for him to be on stage at this event means alot to him. 



  Jevonic   Russ    Sergio
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