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Concert Review: Nils 10/02/15
October 02, 2015  

Nils "Alley Cat" 08/21/15




 Photos By: Mann







Review By:Maria Chinn 

Nils CD Release Party


Seal Beach, CA

I arrived at Spaghettini’s around 7:40 not expecting anything extraordinary.  I witnessed a frizzy-haired, slender blond, greeting and making conversations with most people seated, ready for the show.  Not long after, here’s that gentleman with his prominent German accent, approached my friend…that slim guy was Nils!


Before last night, I have to admit the name Nils Jiptner had not caught much of my attention.  I knew he was a guitarist and that he was releasing his new CD “Alley Cat” tonight; however, I had no clue though how brilliant. That quickly shifted as my feelings after hearing his versions of the classics “Georgy Porgy” and Sara Smiles.” I was mesmerized by those tunes, Nils’s music and performance had me in complete awe. This guy’s a genius! I remembered feeling how passionate Nils played as he delivered two sets on the evening, the second half was even more exciting.  Nils captivated the audience even more when he wooed everyone by playing at each table. The ladies couldn’t get enough; they couldn’t keep their excitement in as their adrenaline got them dancing and a Conga line soon started.  Last night was Absolute Pure Fun!


Nils wrote 11 of the 12 tracks that are on “Alley Cat" and there are just too many to pick a favorite. Undeniably equally enthusiastic were the other talented musicians who played tonight, and who are on the new CD. On keyboards was a young Grammy nominated Nate Harasim, who also currently has his own single “Harmony Park” on the Billboard Chart at #16 and climbing.  Clydene Jackson played on Rhodes and added her smooth vocals. The percussionist was Oliver C. Brown, Reggie McBride on bass and trumpeter Johnny Britt.  Jeff Taboloff on saxophone and drummer Tony Moore took the night of  jazz to a higher level.  Special mentions, 8 of the tracks on drums were recorded by legendary drummer Ricky Lawson before his passing.   









































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