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Concert Review: Joy Johnson "Venus" 08/19/15


August 19, 2015 MORE PHOTOS HERE






















Review by: Rosemarie Howard



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Dearest Joy,


I have written this review many times in my thoughts and each time it becomes even more inspiring. You appeared on Aug 19th in front of a sold out audience at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

Your heart spoke volumes. While unveiling yourself, you passionately defined moments in your life exposing your vulnerability. Your reflection of self-became a “Ah! Moment”  for ME.

We tend to take care of and do for others yet we forget ourselves. "Civil Wars" was an awesome group however it was time for Joy to blossom, move on. You pointed out that social media can be “not nice.”  True, fans become content and sometimes find it hard to accept change. In order to grow, you had to step out of your comfort zone. YOU DID!

The consequences of growing seemed challenging but you had a great support group of friends, peers and fans who welcomed your transition. You shared your existence with us. Growing up in a Christian home, growing up in the church laid foundation and gave interpretation in who is now

Joy Williams. Yet so much more, you have elevated to a whole new level with "VENUS," your latest CD teaming up with Writer/Producer Matt Morris. Your soul expresses through your lyrics. “I Can't Carry The Weight Of This World," “Everyone's Wounded," "Hear Me,"  from "What a Good Woman Does."           PERFECTION!

Your chivalrous lyrics whisper to fragile hearts. "We Can Never Go Back" establishes confidence on moving forward. "Sweet Love of Mine," a lullaby written for your son Miles, beautifully expressed a song that will last a Lifetime. Ending the evening with audience participation initiated by Matt Morris, hand clapping, feet stomping to "Woman (Oh Mama)." The night was over. I did not want it to end.


I Listened,

I Teared,

I Laughed,


I needed confirmation to move forward, to step out of my comfort zone. Thank You Joy Williams for an Inspirational evening.


























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