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CD Review and CD Release Party: Jessy J 6/16/15
June 20, 2015 MORE PHOTOS HERE:


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Review By: Rosemarie Howard 






Beverly Hills, CA to  Seal Beach, CA


With the release of her latest CD “My One And Only One,” Jessy J entertained both Spaghettini’s with two CD Release Parties.


The essence of her music passionately captivates the audience."


The incomparable instrumentalist Jessy J gave an electrifying performance this Saturday evening in Beverly Hills.  Her opening selection "Back to the Basics" buoyantly  embraces the drum paying tribute to the Mother land of Africa breathing  fresh sounds of an upbeat soulful composition.


Jessy J takes her audience on a journey from her travels in Africa harmoniously blending jazz and blues leaving us uplifted. The soft spoken artista's energy resonates her compassion for learning all harmonies.  Throughout the night she engaged the audience in song participation, allowing her fans to sing. Savoring the moments of a night filled with historical sounds, you could honestly  feel the music. She took you to Africa and Cuba.


The visualization alone captured the palm trees, the clear water and the sun. Her selection "Paraiso Magico" exposed us to the flute, the instrument magically portraying solitude along with vocals making her one of the jazz sensations to keep an eye on. The fascination with both cultures became the inspiration for her latest CD "My One and Only One." 


This gracious maestro shared a stage with a band, complimenting her poise and perfection playing tenacious intonations, we were hypnotized by each instrument. During each intercession, you would have to catch a breath in preparation for the next surprised selection.And there it was, her big hit from 2011 "Hot Sauce." A song  that displayed her gift and labeled her a saxophonist perfectionist.  Jessy J tells the story of a boy who dances through life in the song "Tango Boy," another selection from her latest CD.  "We all know Tango Boy!", you could hear laughter in the audience. If there was a dance floor, you could had made a bet there would have been empty seats. 


Her instrumental selection Toni Braxton's "You're Makin Me High", exposed us to the rhythm and blues side.  You could hear words whispering in the audience. A humbled Jessy J shared her life and told her story from her upbringing, thanking family, friends and fans for the support and the love expressed.   There is so much magic when she plays the flute, the saxophone or even when she is singing. Multi talented, she is a poet's sounding board. She commands the audience and they listen with ease.


How can you spell success, Jessy J!  Her heart spoke to us clearly, jubilantly with inspiring Latin, Soul, Rhythm and Blues and Classical sounds.


She personifies music greatness and she is still learning soaking in knowledge from her teachers and other great artists.

Brava Jessy J...


May 23, 2015

Released 5/26/15

















Review By: Gigi Brooks

Jessy J "My One and Only One"
Label: Shanachie Entertainment

Jessy J. is back again with her fifth release on the Shanachie Entertainment label, My One And Only One. This project is fueled with inspirations from her African and Cuban travels, including classic R&B and new smooth grooves.

It comes as no surprise that the saxophonist, singer and composer has chosen to journey into her Latin roots to give rebirth to those “oldie but goodies” tucked away in our memories. The album pays homage to some of music's greatest compositions of all time.

The personnel is a handful of cherry-picked artists, which include guitarists Michael Ripoll and Paul Brown, Thiago Pinheiro on piano, Grammy-award winning keyboardist, Gregg Karukas and many others.

The project consists of 10 tracks with special attention to Jessy's Latin roots and R&B music influence. The title tune “My One And Only One” glides smoothly into a love sax solo, delicately laced with guitar licks and the sweet yearning sounds masterfully crafted by pianist, Thiago Pinheiro.

The Tango Boy spills out with the immediate bounce and groove tempo of things to come rolling into the next track, Latin groove, “Paraiso Magico,” rich with full ethnic sound and tantalizing percussion, where we hear Jessy's vocal talent and flute performance.

Later in the album, Jessy reveals her interpretation of Toni Braxton and Baby Face's top hit, “You're Making Me High,” where Jessy once again showcases her fluid sound on saxophone, joined once again by Michael Ripoll and Paul Brown.

The final number, The Brother's Johnson's classic, “Strawberry Letter 23,” is an unforeseen tribute to the great talent of George and Louis Johnson's rare, unmatchable talent and the untimely death of Louis Johnson. Jessy manages to recreate that time in music when things were growing and open to take it as far as one could go.

Jessy J's "My One And Only One" is a fresh compilation of the best in music composition. Look with wonder at that which is before her.

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