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Musical: Motown the Musical Opening night Red Carpet L.A.


April 30, 2015 More Red Carpet Photos HERE


Review By: Art Jackson


motownthemusicalcurtaincallasberrygordydances.jpg Barry Gordy Dances

"This is not a Motown Musical, I am bringing Motown to Broadway"  Barry Gordy

MOTOWN THE MUSICAL is a nostalgic walk down memory lane thru the life of Motown founder Berry Gordy. This play touches on some of the real behind the scene interactions on how this label became a national treasure for all Americans black and white as it thrive during racial times in this country, and now over 55 years later the same racial situations still persists.

Also putting this era in perspective were the weaving of news flashes from Joe Louis heavy weight fight as the announcer told families huddle around the radio of his knockout of Max Schmeling and to the iconic clips of CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite reporting that President Kennedy was shot to Apollo space missions.

While the music mogul was the driving force behind Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5 and close friends with Smokey Robinson, your memory is jogged to the realization that artists like the Glady's Knight & the Pips, Commodores, Rick James, Tina Marie among others were also apart of the Motown record label empire.

From his humble beginnings from going to job to job and having to borrow money from family Berry Gordy built a legacy that crossed color lines then and today.  As cast member Allison Semmes (Diana Ross) had everyone in the audience hold hands and wave while singing along and then coming down and selecting two people to sing along with her "Reach out and touch, somebody's hand, and make this world a better place if you can."

As the curtain falls, Berry Gordy joined the cast to thank all the cast members and the audience who supported him over the years. Then he asked the cast member Elijah Ahmad Lewis playing Stevie Wonder to break out in song "I Wish" as Berry started a Soul Train line as other cast memebers joined in as a standing ovation and cheers lasted until the lights came on.

































































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