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By: Art Jackson                
February 11, 2010          Hollywood, CA


The Pantages








 Brenda Russell




 Arsenio Hall




Della Rese



The Curtain Falls On   COLOR PURPLE
the musical


As the curtain falls on this celebrated musical at the end of this month, the Color Purple opening night red carpet brought the stars out from TV, Movies and Music here in Los Angeles at the Pantages. Fantasia playing the starring role of Celie, captures you from the very open scene with the stage presence of a veteran with 30 years of acting experience.



The adaptation of the classic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker and the moving film by Steven Spielberg, The Color Purple the musical opened in New York December 1, 2005 with the help of Oprah Winfrey and other investors as the play became a smash hit on Broadway featuring the GRAMMY®-nominated score which enhanced the other musical parts of gospel, jazz, pop and the blues that blended effortlessly throughout.



With the final stage light dimming now on the West Coast what better way to end this critical rave play than under the bright light of Hollywood and its red carpet.  As Brenda Russell one of the Grammy Award®-winning composers/lyricists lead the parade of stars from Stage, Screen and Music who came to enjoy the festivities, from Delle Reese, Chaka Khan to Arsenio Hall as fans of the movie and novel laughed and cried from the stellar performances from the astounding cast.



I must admit not being a big fan of the movie, I was pleasantly surprise and thoroughly enjoyed the play from beginning to end and even fought back the tears. During intermission, I overheard conversation of those who loved the book and movie also gave the play rave reviews.  It’s a must see!!

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