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CD Review: Gino Goss "Turn It Up" 12/27/14
January 19, 2015  

Released 12/27/14




















Review By: Karina Nistor

Gino Goss "Turn It Up"

Label: Jammajazz Records


Veni, Vedi, Voodoo! "Turn It Up" is what kept me up all night long. I felt like Gino Goss cast a spell, and the magic happened. The music on this CD is mystical, warm and smooth.  The sounds of the afro-cuban jazz, the instruments and the vocalists who are featuring on this album, are making it so special and so exotic.

Gino is an award winning Artist/Producer, Trumpeter, Latin Percussionist. On this CD, Gino has featured vocalists from Italy - Rossella Cosentino, Brazil - Amanda Bellino, and USA - Gary Fuston.

The CD was released December, 2014, having pre -released nine singles from CD - "Funk It Up" - award winning "Kalimba Dreaming" - award winning "Night In Rio" - "Voodoo Magic" - award winning "Egyptian Drifter" -  award nominated "Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart" - award winning "Loosing My Way" – award nominated "Don't Give Up" -  "Black Zulu" and "Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart - The Remix."

In 2014, Gino received the nomination Nod in the Jazz, Easy Listening and World Music categories, winning the Best Jazz Song Award and Best Jazz Recording Award for "Loosing My Way" feat.Rossella Cosentino  - TRACK No.4.  He also became in 2012, a six time nominee and four time winner of the Indie Music Channel Awards, including Producer of the Year for "Night In Rio."  In 2013, became the winner of the award for Best Jazz Song, Best Jazz Recording and Best Jazz Video for "Kalimba Dreaming" - TRACK No.2, and as well as Male World Artist of the Year for "Egyptian Drifter" -  TRACK No.7.

This CD is a fusion of emotions. The music will make you fall in love with it and you'll find it sensual, wild and unique.  This is music for your soul. Don't miss it!









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