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Dave Koz Christmas Tour 2014 Interview 12/7/14


December 7, 2014

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Photos By: Dawn R. Stephens

Released September 30, 2014









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Released October 27, 2014


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jonathanbutlersmoothjazz_122.jpgJonathan Butler

 Product DetailsRelease Date: 9/30/13


 "Merry Christmas To You" 












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Interview by: Michelle Robinson


Dave Koz, Christopher Cross, Maysa Jonathan Butler

NEW All-Star Christmas Duets Album, “The 25th Of December.”

Saxophonist Dave Koz is one of the most successful and renowned instrumentalists in the world. As a jazz radio show host, live performer, studio musician and saxophonist. Dave Koz has proven himself to be one of the greatest artist and pioneers of smooth jazz music worldwide.


Dave Koz, and his friends shares with us a new holiday masterpiece and the magic of Christmas in a new album. The 25th Of December (the duets) is a beautiful collection of classic Christmas songs performed by some of the greatest artists and musicians in the industry. Johnny Mathis, Stevie Wonder, Gloria Esteban, Eric Benet, Richard Marx, Johnathan Butler, BeBe Winans, Heather Headly, Fantasia and Kenny G. are bringing truly wonderful holiday music to our ears.



Well tonight here at the Best Buy Theater in Manhattan, December 7, 2014 Dave Koz and friends Johnathan Butler, Christopher Cross and Maysa Leaks bring the joyous holiday music to life for the audience. Before the show I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Dave Koz about the inspiration behind the new album and the holiday tour for Smooth Jazz Magazine.

SJM: Tell me what inspired you to do a new holiday album and another tour?

DAVE: I just love Christmas and the peace and joy the holidays bring to everyone. Christmas and the holiday's are the times when people come together and really enjoy each other.

SJM: How did the duets performances get started?

DAVE: I knew I wanted to do a new holiday album. One day the idea of having duets on the album came and I started to think about friends of mine that will make the idea happen. I started calling some friends started recording the 25th of December.

SJM: Selecting the individual artists for each song was your idea?

DAVE: Yes. I remember when I first met Johnny Mathis years ago. I was so nervous, now we're friends, and now he's like a mentor to me. Johnny did a Christmas album and I remember him singing “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” on one of his albums. I wanted him to sing that song on this album.

SJM: When did Ricky Minor join the making of the album?

DAVE: Myself and Ricky Minor are friends but, this is the first time I worked with Ricky on a project.

SJM: How many of the artist on the album recorded live in the studio?

DAVE: Stevie Wonder great artist and person he's a friend and I was excited to have him on the album. Eric Benet did a great version of “This Christmas. I asked Gloria Esteban to record “Do You Hear What I Hear,” I love salsa and Gloria Esteban added a little Latin style to the song, she recorded the song in Miami. Fantasia was in North Carolina and recorded her voice to the medley “O Come All Ye Faithful/Angels We Have Heard On High/Hark The Herald Angels Sing.” Every one else pretty much recorded live in the studio.

SJM: Was the recording process smooth, did it take a long time?

DAVE: A few months or more. Everything was smooth.

SJM: Jonathan Butler and Kenny G. are two great musicians how did they get involved?

DAVE: They are great we have played on concert tours together and I wanted them to join me on this project because of their love for the holidays and Johnathan is a singer.

SJM: What is your favorite song on the album?

DAVE: That's not fair I really have to choose one.

SJM: Yes! c'mon I know you can pick one.

DAVE: If I had to pick one, my choice would be “It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

SJM: One more question because I can't wait to see the show?

DAVE: I know you will have a great time.

SJM: There is one song on this album that's not about Christmas and the Holidays. What is the story behind “All We Need Is Love?”

DAVE: Ah with everything going on these days the protesting and violence. I wanted a song on the album that expresses my feelings about what's happening. If people can just get past their differences and come together and understand each other. “All We need Is Love.”

Dave Koz opened the show with the Best Buy Theater teen choir who sang “O' Holy Night.” Dave Koz dressed in white played “Let It Snow." Later he was joined by Johnathan Butler who sang “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” and the great harmonious voice of Christopher Cross sung “The First Noel.”  Maysa Leaks joined Dave Koz and Johnathan Butler on stage to sing the medley “O Come All Ye Faithful/Angels We Have Heard On High/Hark The Herald Angels Sing” followed by Johnathan Butler, Maysa leaks and Christopher Cross solo performances of there songs. The show ended with Dave Koz and his friends and the the teen choir singing a medley of holiday classics. The Dave Koz Christmas show will be one of those memorable moments forever on my mind.

Thank you

Dave Koz

You and Friends were outstanding.











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