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Single Review: Ralph Johnson feat. Siedah Garrett 11/01/14


Nov 05, 2014  

Released November 01, 2014







Siedah Garrett

Ralph Johnson feat. Siedah Garrett "Have A Very Merry Christmas"   (Single)


Review by: Cameron Smith  

Senior Acct. Director at CBS Corporation

“Each and every holiday season I try to find an anthem that measures up to Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas” and I think this year I may have finally found it.
It’s no surprise that the two names behind the writing and production of the work are part of our collective musical vernacular...Ralph Johnson the brilliant long time EW&F member and Grammy winning writer and vocalist Siedah Garrett who was first brought into our musical consciousness by Quincy himself. These two have obvious musical chemistry that create an alchemy of smooth soul and contemporary R&B.  
This sounds like a contemporary soul chestnut to me…the thing is I’m listening to unmastered tracks and it’s already stuck in my head. Bravo!
With all the negativity in the world Siedah and Ralph remind us that the warmth of ornately crafted music can elevate our collective experience and bring real joy to the  holiday season.

Ralph & Siedah


Review by: Zoila Robledo

"I was pleasantly exhilarated after hearing just one play of this song!  Every element of the track blended, beautifully!  Siedah's silk-like voice is a perfect compliment to the music's flow. What I appreciate about this particular "Christmas" song, is that it's so genuinely filled with a calm enjoyment of love & relaxation. It's a very stress-free, romantically playful and contemporary story that Siedah unveils, vocally. I'm an avid music enthusiast, and listener of the Smooth Jazz genre of music, and this song was born on that foundation. I've replayed this song over & over again, mentally, over the past two days, and I can remember the ethereal synths, strings, horns and vocal arrangements, as well as the lyrics! This is an incredibly well crafted masterpiece, produced by the world's best musicians! Simplistic & beautiful it is. Bravo!" 

Ralph Johnson










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