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CD Review: Earth, Wind & Fire "Holiday" 10/21/14


October 24, 2014  One on One Interview with Ralph Johnson HERE:

Release Date: 10/21/14
















































Review by: Zoila Robledo

Earth, Wind & Fire "Holiday"

Record Label: Legacy Recordings


The decades-long wait for an Earth, Wind & Fire, first ever, holiday album, is officially over! 


The legendary multi-genre musicologists, Earth, Wind & Fire, have unveiled their latest album, an epic gift to the world, appropriately entitled, “Holiday.”  This energetically inspiring collection features Earth, Wind & Fire’s fresh spin on Christmas holiday themed standards that are sure to soar among the band’s already distinguished repertoire of globally treasured music, within their rich musical dynasty.

A vibrant result of blended artistic synergies from EW&F original band members Ralph Johnson, Philip Bailey and Verdine White, this album resurrects nostalgia from the influential musical decades of the 70’s and 80’s, when Earth, Wind & Fire dominated R&B and Pop music charts, across the world. This thirteen track melodic holiday celebration boasts the band’s beloved signature music style, smoothly polished vocals, and perfectly balanced by lush horn and string arrangements.


Holiday offers a conglomerate mix of R&B, Jazz and Gospel influences, as this gem unfolds into a festive musical journey.  Inciting a range of emotions from the listener, "Holiday" entertains, from the upbeat, foot-stomping rejoicing felt on “Joy to the World,” as well as the calm gratitude of praise on “O Come All Ye Faithful,” while one is instantly filled with excitement on “Happy Seasons,” a wonderful twist from EW&F’s own 70’s hit, “Happy Feelings.”  A definite favorite is, “What Child Is This,” which is quite reminiscent of their hit, “Fantasy.” 


Anyone will welcome this album as a new holiday essential, as well as a beautifully spirited soundtrack to listen to as you’re traveling about this Christmas holiday season, whether you’re out in the hustle & bustle among holiday shoppers, on the road driving, flying the friendly skies, or cruising to holiday destinations across the map!


All ‘N All, "Holiday" is a masterfully crafted album, that’s sure to be recognized as a timeless masterpiece, for generations to come.


For avid EW&F enthusiasts everywhere, please take note, that from this space and time, as we know it, this spirited masterpiece ushers in a new Earth age, of sorts, transitioning from life before ‘Holiday,’ to life after, ‘Holiday.’



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