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CD - Wind Water Journal Entries





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"Track 1: Take Care Of My Baby" 


Artist:                     David Belmont 
Album:                    Wind Water Journal Entries
Year Of Release:   2010
Record Label:        Karma Groove
Genre:                   Smooth Jazz
Format:           MP3
Tracks:           14
Email:              dscags@earthlink.net
Website:        www.davidbelmont.com



Tracklist:  Buy NOW:  .99 each     CD Download: $9.99


 1. Take Care Of My Baby 
 2. Harlem Groove 
 3. Weather/Whether     
 4. Meaninglessness     
 5. Intelude               
 6. Being Nothingness    
 7. Rivan's Dance      
 8. Waterfalls 
 9. Sudha's Mood / In a Silent Way  
10. Lake St Dream                 
11. Premik's Jam 
12. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
13. Chitlins Con Carne 
14. The Shadow Of Your Smile



If you want a break in your busy day and some soothing music to bring you back to a state of calmness then this CD is for you.  With its World beats, Reggae influences and Jazz Fusion you will find melodies that will massage the daily pressures away and help you regain your inner peace.










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