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Interview A Temptation: Otis Williams


September 18, 2014  

Photos by: Miguel Cruz.

















































































































































































































































































































Interview by: Lexi Lewis 

In-depth Interview with  Dr. Otis Williams – 54 Years A Temptation; A Living Legend and Icon


Some people dream about making lots of money, some dream about earning a gold medal and some dream of entertaining the world. The Temptations did and still do entertain the world with their timeless music. I dream of interviewing as many iconic entertainers as I can. I cannot express to you what it means to me to have interviewed the legendary Temptations founder, Dr. Otis Williams. He is now referred to as "Dr. Williams" because he received the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2008. He is very humble, very experienced and down-right funny! I hope you find great interest in the questions and answers in the following interview. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity. Enjoy!