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CD Review: Michael Lington "04/08/14


April 02, 2014  

Soul Appeal

Release Date 04/08/14









Review By: Andrew Reeves


Michael Lington "Soul Appeal”

Label: Red Distribution

Michael Lington’s eighth studio album finds the Danish-born saxophonist returning to his roots.  Soul Appeal, releasing April 8th on Copenhagen Music is a hybrid of contemporary jazz mixed with a fusion of R&B and soul.


Since his debut in the United States in the late 1990’s, Lington has made a name for himself. He tapped the legendary producer Barry Eastmond, and collaborated with some of the biggest names in R&B, including Kenny Lattimore (Gonna Love You Tonight), and Ryan Shaw (Leave Me You). Soul Appeal doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t, nor does it attempt to err on the side of modern jazz as it has always been. Lington brings something remarkably fresh to the table, inviting a younger generation of jazz lovers to sample music inspired by an era when Sam Cooke and James Brown were in their prime.

In addition to the fun loving, groovy title track, songs like Manhattan Nights slip between the chaos of an ordinary work day and gives you something to smile about. The finger-snapping rhythm in Uptown Groove will keep you focused and alert during the all too common afternoon slump.  Going Home makes the five o’clock rush bearable with Lington’s undisputed skill on sax, and the sensual echoes of Freddie Washington’s bass guitar.

Soul Appeal marries all the elements that keeps jazz relevant in a musical landscape inundated by the mainstream.  The album is not only a lot of fun to listen to, but proof in itself of Lington’s impeccable skill at creating the kind of sound many artists attempt and very few rarely achieve.

Michael Lington Website HERE.









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