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Jonny Lang Concert Review 10/26/13


October 26, 2013 See More Photos Here



Photos By: Mann 



















Review by: Evelina Castillo



Wildly gifted guitarists, bad boy blues artist Jonny Lang gave a testimony to the packed house at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA as he performed tunes from his new album, “Fight for My Soul.”

He has been called the child prodigy, playing with the likes of blues legend Buddy Guy as a teenager, but now the 32 year old Christian baritone with raspy voice belted out with convictions songs on how his life has “Turned Around,” as well as “A Quitter Never Wins,’’ “Red Light,’’ “Angel of Mercy,’’ “Blew Up (The House),” “Breakin' In,” “We Are The Same” all which transcended to the soul and spirit of the audience which demanded an encore that made it a two hour show.

A show that also included tunes by Stevie Wonder “Living for the City” and Muddy Waters “Forty Nights” Jonny channeled back and forth from Soul to Blues and Gospel to Rock effortlessly with an intensity that kept you waiting on the next musical thrill.  The biggest cheer came when he played “Lie to Me’’ the title track from his 1997 blues album that went platinum when he was only 15.  In 2006, he won the Grammy for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album “Turn Around” and I eagerly await to see what accolades  “Fight for My Soul” will receive as well.

Unafraid to share the stage with exceptional band members each had the spotlight with their own solos not just their one moment in the show, but throughout the whole set which gave each artist more than a glimpse to shine their talent, from Nashville, guitarist Akil Thompson and keyboardist Dwan Hill, while from Minneapolis drummer Barry Alexander and bassist Jamie Anton to the spotlight and made it their own.

As Jonny came out for the encore he and his acoustic guitar serenaded the crowd for two songs then the rest of the band came out to jam at a more fever pitch as by now everyone was up on their feet.













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