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CD Release Party: Jessy J "Second Chances" 09/10/13


September 10, 2013 SEE CD Review HERE

Release Date 09/10/13









  Sax man Michael Lington and drummer Tony Moore


 Review by: Priscilla Valldejuli

Jessy J " Second Chancest"


Record Label: Shanachie

H.O.M.E. is where the heart is, and also the venue chosen to listen to the Sexy Smooth Sounds from the Latina Diva Sax player Ms. Jessy J's  CD release of "Second Chances" which motivated me to ask how such a young person could even relate to "Second Chances." Ms Jessy replied "it doesn't matter how young or old you are, we all make mistakes, I'm just happy to know we have second chances....and so this was the inspiration for the title.
It seemed like it was going to be a quiet evening as a few people arrived early to get up close or reserve their VIP seating, but as the night went on and Jessy J took the stage, the room was filled with devoted fans as young as 2yrs old swaying back and forth to the music; as far as Texas; her Dad, family and a host of musicians who came out to support her, including sax players, Michael Lington and Elan Trotman, also Evan Ross (Diana Ross' Son) and a host of fellow musicians. Some musicians came to support and other came on stage to "jam" with their Sultry Sax player including drummer Tony Moore, vocalist Johhny Britt
We were serenaded by tunes from Second Chances but also hits from her previous CD's Luna Feliz which had my Salsa blood rumbling to this Latin twist; "Tango on 2" a sexy fusion of piano and sax! "Tequila Moon" a hit from her second CD "Tropical Rain" and "Hot Sauce" about spicy Latinas!!!
As a female covering the event on behalf of Smooth Jazz Magazine, it gave me great pleasure and made me proud to see a beautiful, young, talented Latina who plays an instrument usually played by males....it was a turn on!
The night turned out just the way it was supposed to....good food, good ambiance, great music and a feeling of being at H.O.M.E. as this is the vision of owner Dennis Anthony the posh restaurant and jazz supper club situated in Beverly Hills.
I know we all deserve "Second Chances"....musically and in life!
Continued Sultry Success to Latina Sax player Ms. Jessy J!










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