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CD Review: Orly Vardy "A Million Love Songs"


June 10, 2013  

A Million Love Songs

Released Date: 11/27/12  













Review by: Dana Arentzen


Orly Vardy  "A Million Love Songs"

With the voice of an angel, Orly Vardy sings her way through the pain of love lost, the joy of love found and the journey of life in all its glory.

Her soft yet powerful soprano voice is lovely and handles all eleven tracks with ease.

Born in Israel, Orly started singing at a very early ten months of age! By the age of twelve, she was being coached by some of Israel’s finest vocal instructors. Her great soprano voice has earned her the title of “The singer with the gentle voice,” in Israel.

A singer/songwriter, Orly has earned several awards for her music and vocals.

All eleven tracks on this CD showcase Orly’s beautiful soprano voice. My favorite was track eleven, “If only you could have loved me” (club remix version of track six).

Orly’s passion for collaborating with some of the world’s finest musicians and singers, who share her vision of world peace, is noble.

Orly Vardy is not only a wonderful singer, she is also a woman who is realizing her dream and sharing it with the world. I enjoyed listening to her and would like to wish her a lifetime of success.

Thank you Orly for sharing your dream with us.








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