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CD Review: George Duke "Dreamweaver" 07/16/13


May 15, 2013 Exclusive Video Interview

Release Date:/07/16/13






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Review by: Asha Brodie



George Duke "Dreamweaver"


Record Label: Concord Music


It's hard to listen to George Duke's latest compilation called "DreamWeaver" and not become teary-eyed. With the passing of his wife Corrine last year, some of the tracks on the CD all seem to be paying a tribute to her in one way or another. This does not translates into something somber, rather it is a joyful CD that takes you back musically to vintage George.

Tracks like the delicate "Missing You" featuring Rachelle Ferrell and the old-fashioned love found on "You Never Know" seem to evoke the memory of Corrine.

After his wife's death, George admitted in an interview that he was unable to get back into writing and recording. However when he did, he labelled this one as his "most honest album in several years."

We have to agree since George not only brought back the use of synthesizers in his music and added his vocals to most of the tracks, but he also has a star-studded list of singers on this CD as well.

The bulk of the celebrity singing roster can be found in the track "Change The World" which features everyone from Lalah Hathaway to Jeffrey Osborne, BeBe Winans, Freddie Jackson and Howard Hewett. Like every collaborative celebrity effort such as "We are the World", the musicial content in the track seeks to inspire and soothe a restless soul.

It's a fact that no one does funky jazz the way George does, and he brings it with "Burnt Sausage Jam". On this track, it's hard to resist the way the song starts with a quickening and bursts of instruments which make a joyful noise. Before you know it, the music simmers down into an unexpected soft and easy groove.

There are underlying samba infusions in "Jazzmatazz" and soulful jazz will find you on the cute "Brown Sneakers."

"You Never Know" sounds like something out of George's 80's playbook; the same can be said about the musically charged "Round the Way Girl".

"Stones of Orion" is like a splash of water on your face on a hot summer day; the piano solo on this track makes this a personal favorite.

Listen out for "Ball and Chain" which features Teena Marie and recorded just before she passed. Her vocals are stunningly gorgeous and an appropriate choice for this compilation.

"Trippin" and "Ash Tray" are other impressive jams that make up this CD.










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