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CD Review: Tom Schuman "Designated Planets" 02/05/13
February 02, 2013  

   Release Date: 02/05/13 



















































Review By: Asha Brodie

Label: JazzBridge Music

Tom Schuman  "Designated Planets"


Being the keyboard player from inception with the jazz super group Spyro Gyra for 35 years, it should come as no surprise that the music on Tom Schuman's latest CD "Designated Planets" would be have familiar threads woven in his latest musical tapestry. Not that this is a bad thing; it actually works and would appeal to Spryo Gyra lovers as well as win over new fans.


The CD cover is almost predictable with planets floating into space; inside offers some refreshing goodies that are diverse in nature that there is truly never a dull moment.


Cosmic sounds serve as the welcome mat for the track "Designated Planets" one that launches into a funky little thing that ranks high on the grooveability scale. The funk never stops; indulge in "Piece of Me" which features Steve Oliver on guitar. "Against the Odds" is a little oddity that flourishes into something truly beautiful with mind-blowing chord progressions and mute trumpet.


"Sweet Surrender" serves as the first ballad of the song set and it is oozing and dreamy and romantic notes that would make this an instant favorite. One of the shining moments of this track is to hear Jeff Kashiwa on the saxophone.


The mood switches to a swing-type traditional jazz beat on the engaging "Then You Walked In"; "Ineviyable Changes" is one of those cool and breezy tracks that you have to have on a long road trip.


Vocalist Kevin Whalum pops in and lends his impressively stellar vocals to "Looks into My Eyes" and the soft and enchanting "Because of You."


Other tracks on the CD include "Ear Candy", the bouncy and fluid "Last Confessions" and "Fusion Fire."









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