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CD Review: Euge Grove "House of Groove"

    Released Date 09/25/12


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Review By: Toi Elliott

Euge Groove  "House of Groove"

Record Label: Shanachie 


After listening to the first few tracks on Euge Groove's new CD "House of Groove", its easy to see why this saxophonist is in such hot demand.  True to Euge's trademark style, the opening track "Knock Knock Who's There?" is titled from something the Shakespearean classic Macbeth.  It immediately captures the listener with Knock Knock's upbeat opening setting the pace of energy on each song following on this CD.


Euge showcases his talents in a collaborative fusion of funk, pop and gospel on several of the tracks but the song that is definitely on the list of favorites is the R&B duet with Jeffrey Osborne “Never Met a Woman Like You,” co-written by Osborne.  The funky sounds of Euge's sax combined with Osborne's smooth vocals was definitely a treat. Another thumbs up is for the soothing sultry sound of “Its Only Rain” which is a soulful ballad that combines female vocals with just the right combination of soul and sax.


The biggest surprise, on the CD was the gospel tune “Faithful Central” with pianist Tracy  Carter that rounds out the happy, positive flow of this CD. 


House of Groove is sure to please and this new Euge Groove CD release definitely is one to follow in line with his previous collections of #1 hits.









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