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CD Review: Tony Exum Jr. "The One"

  Released Date 08/01/12


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Review By: Georgia Mull

Tony Exum Jr.  "The One"

Record Label: Tony Exum Jr   


Tony Exum, Jr. is not your everyday sax player. With his latest release "The One" Tony brings you a fresh style, and has blended Neo Soul/Funk and Jazz. Having grown up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Memphis, Biloxi, MS and Germany, Tony was exposed to many styles of music.


Tony opened for such headliners as The Four Tops, The Temptations, Manhattans, WAR, Chi-Lites, Lenny William (formerly of Tower of Power) Chielli Minucci, Nelson Rangell and the list goes on and on.


Once you listen to "The One" you will readily see and hear that Tony Exum, Jr. is the new sax man on the block, with a fresh new twist playing his funky, jazzy, blues saxophone. With 14 tracks on this cd, most of them written by Exum, it's hard to choose a favorite, as they are all destined to be chart toppers. He is joined by Marcus Anderson on track 1, "T-Time," and Tim Bowman joins him on track 4, "Lovely Conversation" with a hauntingly Najee sound. Tony does a fantastic rendition of the New Edition's song on track 5, "Can You Stand The Rain" with the help of Terrill Paul. And as you continue your listening pleasure, you will hear Tony's Neo/Funky Soul sound on track 12, "What's Her Name?" If you love good sax music, then check this cd out, as well as his 2010 debut album, "Finally," you won't be disappointed.









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