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CD Review: Craig Chaquico "Fire Red Moon"

  Released Date 10/16/12


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Review By: Georgia Mull 

Craig Chaquico "Fire Red Moon"

Blind Pig Records  



If you've never heard of Blind Pig record label, you will now, with their debut album from Craig Chaquico titled Fire Red Moon,  released on October 16, 2012.  This multi-platinum, multi-dimensional artist may be best known for his work as lead guitarist and song writer for Jefferson Airplane.  Craig played lead guitar on all their hits from 1973 to 1990, and you may remember a few such as "We Built This City and Nothing's Gonna To Stop Us Now."  During that time, Craig was the only member from the band who appeared on every album, cd, music video, recordings and tours.


After three decades of playing in the fast pace rock genre arenas, Craig decided to take a step back and into an entirely different direction.  Many of you may be familiar with many of his New Age/Smooth Jazz recordings, which garnered him the title from Jazziz Magazine as one of the "Top Most Influential Jazz Guitarist of All Time."


For those of you who like the Blues, prepare to be thoroughly entertained as Craig takes you on a journey, returning to the roots of the blues music that he grew up listening to as a teen. Chaquico opens with "Lie To Me" (with the bluesy vocals of Noah Hunt from Kenny Wayne Shepherd's band). He has also included some tracks that you are sure to recognize such as "Born Under A Bad Sign" by Albert King, and Muddy Water's "Crossroads." There are also a few good smooth jazz tracks, such as "Blue On Blue" and "Fog Town Stroll," but all in all, this is a Blues CD, and it is destined to be another platinum hit for Craig Chaquico. Whether you are a smoth jazz or blues fan, this is one CD that is a must for your collection.









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