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CD Review: Lao Tizer "Downbeat"

  Released Date 09/18/12

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Review By: Michelle Cooperl 

Lao Tizer "Downbeat"

Lao Tizer Music, Inc.   



Lao Tizer’s “DownBeat” was like taking a journey, not to a particular place, but through a destination, because the journey itself was the place... 

Track 1 "Acid Rain"
A collage of musical elements orchestrated for colorful imaginations. The edge of an ole skool jam session complete with rainbows.


Track 2 "Pulse"
How would you like to wake up filled with the musical energy needed to start your day? “Pulse” is the wake up and let’s get it going song....
It’s filled with energy and all elements that make you want wonder what’s next.


Track 5 "World in Rhythm" An adventurous blend of elements...Loved the per-cussion at the end!

Track 6 "Tanzanika" I lI I Look forward to hearing this live...This is one of my favorites! Left this one on replay quite a few times.

Track 10 "Downbeat"
This is the attitude song...Confident not cocky, in your face and feeling good.

Track 11 "Reunion"
Left me wanting more, loved the melody and tempo changes were refreshing.


Track 12 "The Next Step"
Beautiful blend of keys and strings...A complex conversation being heard and understood.


If you are looking for fresh cutting edge music, if you want to be musically taken to a place, where you will enjoy the destination and the journey ….  “Downbeat” is the cd that will bring it to you. A “must have” jazz original.










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