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CD Review: Fourplay "Esprit De Four"

Release Date 09/25/12 



















Review By: Ahlia Love

Fourplay "Esprit De Four"

Concord Records  


The most difficult thing about listening to Fourplay’s latest offering “Esprit de Four” was selecting my favorite tracks. This super group has been consistent in delivering outstanding product with each release since their 1991 self-titled debut CD “Fourplay”. Although only three of the original group members appear on this project, they all gel so well that it sounds as if that they’ve played together forever. A perfect example of this cohesion is the track entitled “Venus”. Absolutely heavenly. The composition is creatively packed with subtle surprises perfectly blended into one of the most superfluous compositions I've ever heard.

At least three other tracks have totally grabbed my attention. Track #6 “All I Wanna Do” slithers in from a sultry introduction that spills into velvety smooth vocals that leave you wanting more.

“December Dream” is a magical little number. While listening I closed my eyes and saw the snowflakes piling high beautifully blanketing everything as far as the eyes could see. In the distance I could hear the announcement that it was indeed a snow day. My inner child wants to hear this song over and over again.

“Logic of Love” is another selection that does not disappoint. It's the true definition of smooth groovin' jazz. Can you dance to it? Maybe the truly gifted dance company might toy with some choreography for it. But we non-professionals can at least get some good head nodding and finger popping going to it. Like many other Fourplay tracks this song contains many of the signature sounds that in my opinion distinguish this group from any other. The beauty of this signature is that it’s familiar without becoming mundane.

“Put Our Hearts Together,” composed by Bob James and beautifully sung by Seiko Matsuda was written by Bob’s daughter Hillary in tribute to the Tsunami and Earthquake victims of Japan. This piece is another shining example of how these four great musicians synergize to create one sound where no one overpowers the other, you hear the subtleties and expertise of each band member which helps clearly demonstrate why together, they are considered the last of the super groups. A group worthy of distinction by the United States Congress, Fourplay was awarded as distinguished members of the music industry during a performance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are the only musical group in history to be recognized in this fashion.

So, if you are planning an upcoming road trip or any activity that allows you the chance to listen to some good music without interruption, make sure you grab a copy of “Esprit de Four” by Fourplay. Share it with a friend but be sure to encourage them to get their own copy if you value that friendship.









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