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CD Review: John Carey "Oh So Funky"
May 10, 2012

  Release Date 05/29/12 



















Review By: Bobbie Smith

John Carey "Oh So Funky"

Planet Bass, NYC   



Announcing--John Carey's new "Oh So Funky" CD


John Carey adds more flavor to the gumbo just like those distinct sounds of New Orleans.


When you listen to "Oh So Funky" you will think your on a tropical island. Organs step aside and let the steelpans have a go.


Think back to the late 60's and 70's with the sounds of an American Funk Band The Meters, a New Orleans, Louisiana based band. Set back and close your eyes an envision, LP's and 45 records turning round on that famous record player. Take a journey back in time with a new 2012 twist.


"Cabbage Alley" will certainly stir up a party with the first few beats of Hey na baby hey na child with a smooth upbeat tempo.


As all the baby boomers stroll pass the alley to that bad beat of the bass in "Chicken Strut" to have a "Fire On the Bayou". When those steelpans come into play the sound will sweep you away.


For a spectacular sound take a listen to "Funky Miracle" this will make you feel as though you are the miracle in progress. Before you know it you will have eased onto the dance floor.


"Here Comes the Meter Man" is a smooth, mellow jazz like tune that will make you want to hug yourself. The music surrounds with a sense of mysticism.


"Look-Ka Py Py" with the combo of bass, drums and steels let the music put you in a mellow mood, a smile on your face and a warm feeling within your heart.


While listening to “Pungee", this tune puts the funk in jazz funk and is as cool as the finest exotic island.


"Sing a Simple Song" will take you back to Sly and the Family Stone days. With the beginning lyrics 'Talking talking talking in my sleep' so memorable. Then breakout with dance steps you thought you had forgotten just to dance till your tired. JC knows how to make you feel his bass in this song.


Now "Sophisticated Cissy" has a groove all by itself. The steelpans in place of the organs just takes you to paradise with your sweetheart. The Meters and John Carey are just to sophisticated!!! Now that’s smooth.


OK its time for "Tippi-Toes", this is jazz funk at its best with an upbeat tempo which moves your soul with each beat.


After working from “9 till 5” we can get our groove on and party like back in the day. Swing out or cha cha because we've talk about stepping out all week long. With the music of John Carey makes it all possible to do.









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