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CD Review: David Benoit "Conversation" 05/29/12
May 21, 2012

  Release Date 05/29/12 
















































Review By: Lisa M. Hague-Crowe

David Benoit "Conversation"

Heads Up Records



After listening to pianist/composer, David Benoit’s new album, "Conversation" set for release on May 29, 2012 on Heads Up International, a division of Concord Music Group; it's clear that he has much to convey, as his multi-dimensional body of work reveals itself in a mirage of cultural interplay that's fascinating, engaging, as well as, entertaining.


One's emotional senses are swept away as the conversation between diverse musical languages mingle and complement one another amicably, no matter how salient. The conversation appears intellectual, as the listener is captivated by the multi-dimensional movement from classical, urban, Latin, pop and country to name several. So clearly, there's much to absorb and decipher as Benoit's message resonates pure integrity and affection for inclusivity. 

Benoit, gets assistance along the way from musicians representing a broad cross section of styles: electric guitarist Jeff Golub, acoustic guitarist Pat Kelley, guitarist David Pack, flutist Tim Weisberg, classical pianist Robert Theis and a cadre of young classical players who are bravely committed about taking their music to less traditional and more adventurous and exploratory places.


Benoit's jazz roots reveal itself in a sporadic, however intriguing dialect. There are nine tracks showcased on Benoit’s CD.  He recorded the album at the legendary Steinway Hall in mid-town Manhattan, New York.  Steinway Hall is home to the famous custom piano makers, Steinway & Sons. It’s the perfect setting for his classical piano trio and jazz trio as represented in his new album "Conversation". 

Benoit’s recent body of work is fueled with elements of surprise, as the music captivates the listener with unsuspecting yet marvelous streams of musical sound embodying various styles, as well as, eclectic instrument interplay. Additionally, the musical transitions are intriguing as they entice the listener with an earful of stimulating musical contrast; such is the feeling of the following tracks: “Q's Motif”, “Let's Get Ready” and “Conversation”. The other tracks, “Napa Crossroads”, “Feelin’ It”, “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid”, “Kei's Song Redux”, “Sunrise On Mansion Row” and “You're Amazing” are so beautifully conveyed one's emotionality becomes immediately engulfed in the conversation to the point of sweet hypnotic understanding and/or relaxation; which seems to complete the "Conversation" rendering the listener an intimate sense of openness for musically stimulating emotional exchange.


In conclusion, this CD is fascinating and will certainly captivate the listener with exciting movement, diverse sound, cultural musical interplay and fiery passion. So, get ready for an exciting and surprising ride, as Benoit's album "Conversation" will most certainly entertain and delight you for a life time!









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