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CD Review: The Wayman Tisdale Story 11/22/11
November 20, 2011

The Wayman Tisdale Story  Release Date 1122/11 












 Review By: Leila Holt


Wayman Tisdale "The Wayman Tisdale Story"
Mack Avenue Records
Wayman Tisdale, the Tulsan who conquered the NBA, Olympics, and the jazz charts, is the subject of a new documentary, naturally named “The Wayman Tisdale Story.” After a battle with bone cancer, Tisdale died in 2009 at the age of 44.  “The Wayman Tisdale Story” is a feature length documentary celebrating the life and legacy of the world renowned Jazz musician, former NBA star and a three-time All-American Gold Medal Olympian.


Rendezvous Music/Mack Avenue Records will release “The Wayman Tisdale Story” on November 22, as a special edition CD/DVD combo featuring a 13 track soundtrack and a 66 minute documentary plus bonus features.


Told through his own words in two exclusive interviews Tisdale leads a journey through his own life story, from his childhood as a preacher’s son to his recent battle with cancer. Tisdale’s life approach of compassion, courage, and optimism is embodied in this program.


Tisdale’s first love was always jazz, and eventually he put away the basketball and picked up his bass guitar and had a very successful second career.


The soundtrack displays Tisdale's career as a jazz recording artist, featuring tracks from seven of his nine albums.  “Tell It Like It Tis” featuring George Duke and “Way Up” from his 2006  “Way Up” album are funky up tempo tracks. The soundtrack’s highlights are “The Introduction” and “Let’s Ride” also featuring George Duke. These funktastic tracks are from his 2010 “Fonk Record” album. “Slam Dunk” is an unreleased track produced by Jeff Lorber with a smooth jazz mix.  “Ready To Hang”, “Glory Glory” and “Everything In You” are tracks featured from his 2004 “Hang Time” album, showing Tisdale's contemporary jazz style. “Rebound” featuring Dave Koz, and “One On One” is easygoing and mellow tracks from his 2008 “Rebound” album.  It’s Alright” From his 2003 “21” album is a beautiful gospel song, and Gabriel” from his 1995 “Power Forward” album is a silky smooth ballad. These two tracks reveal the softer side of Tisdale.  “Cryin” For Me” [Wayman’s song] is Toby Keith’s hit tribute to Tisdale.  A breathtaking special ballad that is an excellent closing to this 13 track compilation.


Wayman Tisdale has touched a lot of lives with the way he lived his life, his success on the basket ball court, and through his music.


If you are a basketball fan, a jazz enthusiast, or just like seeing positive inspiring stories about good people, “The Wayman Tisdale Story” is for you.


“You can never give up because quitting is not an option. No matter how dark it is or how weak you get, until you take that last breath, you must fight.” ~ Wayman Tisdale (1964-2009)










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