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The Magic of Zonjic 2011
By: Art Jackson
November 13, 2011 
alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311007.jpg  Alexander Zonjic alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311348.jpg  alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311190.jpg  Jeff Lorber

More photos by: Mann Here 

All around good guy Alexander Zonjic worked his musical magic on the Spaghettini crowd in Seal Beach, CA with the help of his good friend Jeff Lorber. The duo covered a span of work from featuring Bob James’s  1978 “Angela” from the Touchdown album to Jeff Lorber’s future CD release in January 2012 “Galaxy”.
 copyofalexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311362.jpg  The Band
Being best known as a flautist, Alexander is also an accomplished guitarist and a syndicated radio DJ, after his morning drive show from Smooth Jazz V98 station in Detroit was changed to another format but Alexander continues to bring top artists to his shows and travels under the label “Alexander Zonjic and Friends” that has included over the years the likes of Kirk Whalum, Earl Klugh, Maysa who was with him just last night in Dallas, among many other artists. 
alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311315.jpg alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311034.jpg
With the first of a two set show scheduled for the evening, the audience seemed to be in a Italian food coma or had one too many glasses of wine already as Alexander begin his set with “AZ Does It” from his 2004 CD “Seldom Blues” which was also at the time a well know jazz supper club in downtown Detroit. But with a little encouraging from the pied piper Alexander hour set became an lively happening as the crowd began to respond and respond did they, as dancing in the aisle became the norm.
alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311341.jpg alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311327.jpg alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311326.jpg
GRAMMY nominated Jeff Lorber provided a sneak preview to his upcoming US release of his new CD by playing the first track “Live Wire” from Jeff Lorber Fusion, a sound that Jeff helped pioneered.
With the end of the first set, Alexander and Jeff autographed their Cd’s for their fans and mingled giving the crowd a memorable evening to take home on a beautiful moon-lit Sunday night.
alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311356.jpg alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311294.jpg alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311357.jpg
“Spaghettini Jazz Supper Club” host this Jazziegirl production by Vienna Yip, the musical director of KSBR radio in Mission Viejo, CA with a slate of shows throughout each month. See the monthly line-up HERE.
alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311297.jpg    alexanderzonjicjefflorberspaghettini111311103.jpg
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