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Herbie Hancock Concer Reivew 10/31/11


BACK By: LaGlynn’             October 31 2011          Dallas, TX 


"Grammy Winning CD"     09/25/07


Record Label: Verve 





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An Evening With Herbie Hancock

Music and Mathematics Elevating Over The Universe


The early arriving fans gathered in anticipation of a show for the ages and with expectations of viewing and hearing the 71 year old maestro entertain them unlike any other with his piano expertise.  


Mr. Hancock opened the show promptly with laughter and witty repartee which lead into the opening musical selection of “Footprints” and for this humble writer’s opinion there couldn’t have been a better song to gently and smoothly sway us into an evening of listening pleasure..


After vigorous applause from the audience Mr. Hancock performed “Dolphin Dance” a romantic selection that I am sure the couples and the lovers appreciated. I witnessed couples embracing as if they were enthralled in a romantic trance as Herbie’s fingers danced over the keys that conjured cupid’s aura into the Symphony Hall.   “Embraceable You” followed which kept the romantic atmosphere aglow.  However  with an audience that consisted of all genres and all nationalities and an age range of early 20’s to late 60’s it appeared from my vantage point that everyone’s musical appetite was fed throughout the evening.  This was most obvious when Herbie performed “Sonrisa”  I noticed significant toe tapping and head nodding to the younger audience east and west of me, while north and south of where I sat quite a bit of seated bodies bobbing and weaving rapidly with the rhythm in appreciation.  And what more can be said about the super hit “Cantaloupe Island” this was the selection of the night that makes you happy to awake each morning, the type of tune that places a smile on your face.  Hell it’s the type of tune as one Mr. Clinton  would say “puts a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip and welcomes you to the mother ship” or in this case makes you happy that you attended this show at the exquisite Morton H. Myerson Symphony Hall to hear a musical genius at work. .


As I took the time to speak to some of the fans in attendance to gather some insight on their thoughts of Herbie Hancock’s performance, I must admit the reviews were mixed, however I was amazed to hear that people had traveled from as far as Oklahoma, New York City and Seattle to catch a Solo act from the piano legend.  Tommy, a native of Seattle, Washington said  “I was expecting a combo to perform with Herbie, the night began rather boring but I’m glad that he closed with Cantaloupe Island and Rockit.”  Tisha Stratford one of Dallas most outstanding vocalist expressed that “as a child of the 80's, my memories of Herbie was during his techno/futuristic/early hip-hop days, with synthesizers, special effects, futuristic themes... with Herbie behind the piano and keyboard as the mad scientist experimenting with sounds and textures.  But he displayed the genius that was behind the 80's gimmicks. His performance although peppered with  tiny interactions with the audience, was purely about the "music & the man". He showed us the DNA of who he was as a musician and artist. Void of extravagant special effects... serious musicians, and students of music probably gained the most from Herbie's concert. Through simplicity, he gave us a complex, intricate display of masterful musicianship.” While Jon of Tulsa, Oklahoma said that “Herbie was simply amazing and although I’ve had the opportunity to see him on three other occasions there’s no way I would not have driven down to Dallas to see him perform.”  Phillip of Dallas, who is a musician in a local band,  Emerald City said that “thanks to my mom I’ve been playing piano since the age of five years old and she  would constantly have a Herbie Hancock record playing in our home to give me an appreciation of jazz and the instrument.”  Maggie  of Plano, TX who is the mother of Phillip emotionally expressed, “this was my son’s way of thanking me for all the years of playing Herbie Hancock’s records when he was a child, it’s my first time seeing him actually perform and it was indeed a treat and a nice gift.”  Roy Williams of Dallas wanted to inform everyone that “Universe is mathematics and music and that you can’t have math without music nor can you have music without mathematics.”  Well on this most magical of nights Herbie Hancock was indeed mathematics and music and his sound elevated over the universe. . 


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