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CD Review: George Benson "Guitar Man" 10/4/11
October 15, 2011

  Release Date 10/04/11 












 Review By: Lynda Payton


Geroge Benson "Guitar Man"
Concord Music Group
Close yours eyes and get ready to experience a trip back to the days of speakeasy's and old Jazz Joints.  George Benson is taking you on a magical guitaristic journey...is that a new word??? One filled with the sounds of generational genres, from Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder, George strums the cords of his guitar to pull feelings once forgotten from your sub consciousness...when we were young, feeling sexy, showing off with a date on our arms and not a care in the world. This new CD is smooth; it's like George's guitar itself is singing songs both familiar and unfamiliar evoking emotions once lost in time. George's soulful melodic voice will free you from whatever stresses you encountered throughout your day. So buy this CD and press play! I'm predicting this album to be a big hit...with tracks number 2, "I want to Hold Your Hand", 3 "My Cherie Amour", 11 "Since I fell For You" and 12 "Fingerlero" being huge hits. George is back!!!!!









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