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Randy Scott CD Release Party for "90 Degrees At Midnight"


BACK By: Norvell Molex Jr.                            Detriot, MI 

  September 30, 2011     CD Release Party

"90 Degrees At Midnight"     CD Released 09/27/11

Record Label: Trippin 'N Rhythm Records 



  Photos By: Norvell Molex Jr.  

The weather may have been cold out but in the Millennium Center it was “90 Degrees At Midnight.” That’s the title of the new project that Randy Scott had a released party for at the Millennium Center on last night. The shows MC Mr. Double J warmed up the audience and prepared them for a night full of music starting with Demetrius “Krayon” Nabors who happens to be Randy Scott’s Musical Director play four songs from his upcoming release “The Journey Within” with the help of friends like Rob Skinner on bass, James Coleman on sax, and Dana Davis on drums songs like “Ridding the Groove, What a Day, and Into the Night” gave the audience a tastes of what is to come from Mr. Nabors.

Now before Mr. Scott came onstage a video was played about the labor of love titled “90 Degrees At Midnight.” It gave the audience a brief view into the making of the new CD via recording sessions and video diaries made by Mr. Scott. As the MC Double J announced Mr. Scott’s long list of accomplishments from playing with and being mentored by the late Grover Washington Jr. to have played for former presidents you saw the audience anticipation for what was coming next. Mr. Randy Scott came out playing Woodward Avenue one of the cuts from “90 Degrees At Midnight.” He then played Sunsets and a host of other songs from his CD’s past and present a nice surprise during the show was Mr. Scott’s good friend Guitarist Tim Bowman stopped by to perform a duet on a song they co wrote titled “Everything is Everything.”
Tim Bowman and Randy Scott
The band or “The Breath of Life” as Randy Scott called them was amazing there was Demetrius “Krayon” Nabors on keys, Ed Tate on bass, Bret Farcus on guitar, Percussionist Lauren Johnson, Drums Kenny Brooks, the horns of life consisted of Dexter Graham on tenor sax, Peter Nelson on Trombone, and Chris Johnson on trumpet with a stage full of true musicians it was night full of music. The wonderful thing about this release party is every song Mr. Scott played from the new CD came with a story so it was a calm relaxing night of smooth Jazz for 15 dollars that’s right 15 dollars. Randy Scott is truly a humble man he signed every CD that cam before him and tried to have a conversation with everyone he could. It was truly a warm night with family music and friends for a modest price.











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