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Concert Review: Backstage with Basia 09/24/11


BACK By: Art Jackson                        Los Angeles, CA 

    MORE  PHOTOS                                              September 24, 2011




     veroniqueclarisse3.jpg           annickclarissewillequet.jpg     

         Danny White              Veronique Clarissa          Annick Clarissa-Willequet

                  giorgioserci2.jpg           Marc Parnell                    Paul Booth                       Giorgio Serci 

The electricity was building as show time was getting close, as scattered rhythmic shouts of Basia! Basia! filled the air. Then a loud cheer erupted when the members of the band walked on stage; long time music collaborator/arranger/keyboardist and musical director Danny White, Twins Veronique Clarisse and Annick Clarisse-Willequet background vocalists, Marc Parnell on drums, Paul Booth saxophonist, alto flute, percussions and background vocals and newest member Giorgio Serci on guitars.
                                          From Newport To London 
In support of her just released CD, September 13, 2011 “From Newport to London” the artists from Poland has been on a USA world tour, with tonight stopping in Los Angeles after visiting over 10 months ago. Immediately upon coming on stage, there was a mutual affection between the adoring fans and Basia. Engaging the audience with her bubbly personality Basia let it be known that tonight we would get to hear a lot of her old favorites which brought more loud cheers.
Opening up the set with “Yearning” and then a medley of “If Not Now”, “Drunk On Love”, and “Third Time Lucky” and as Basia put it “these are a lot of songs about love, some good and some not so good experiences”. Then she went on to tell us about the meaning of the new title track of the CD ”Newport To London” which was a real love situation but actually happening in New York on the transit system there, where the attraction of seeing a stranger on a daily commute to work each morning but knowing its just an illusion of something that will never be.
Basia and Peter White 
Then to the delight of the crowd, once hearing the music to “Astrud” you could hear members of the audience singing along with Basia which became a ongoing theme on ”New Day For You”, “Cruising”, and “Miles Away”. During the course of the evening each member of the band got to showcase their individual talent as Basia genuinely complimented how she was so fortunate to have each one in her band. And then she brought out a special guitarist who was first in her band before he became famous she said, and as she introduced Peter White, the excitement rose to another level as they played a couple of songs together “From Now On” and “Time & Tide” before he left the stage..
To close out the show a drum solo to begin “Copernicius” which is a song about Poland, the show would have ended on a great note. But the crowd wanted more and the noise they provided summoned the band and Peter White back on stage much to the seemingly delight of Basia who at this time asked the crowd what songs they wanted to hear? The first request was “Until You Come Back To Me” as Basia stated it wasn’t something they usually perform, but they would try and play a minute of it. And played it very well, I might add. Then the next request was “Promises” and while singing Basia see’s a lady dancing near the stage and reached out her hand as a gesture of friendship which brought down a mad rush to the stage and it became a love feast with the fans and band members everyone giving each other hand shakes and high-fives. While singing Basia would extent the microphone along the stage to fans and letting them sing a couple of bars of the song; needless to say it was a mad-house at that point, it felt more like a rock concert. 
basia092411708.jpg          basiapeterwhite092411781.jpg
Upon walking out of Club Nokia, you could over hear several people say that this was one of the best concerts they have ever gone too. I would have to agree.
Backstage the band mingled with the VIPs and honored guests for small talk and chit chat.  With a brief conversation with Peter White, it was noted how busy he has been  this month from being on an Alaskan cruise to being at a benefit concert for Jeff Golub in Newport Beach, CA, as Peter noted, he even flew to London for one day to visit his mom for his birthday that was a few weeks ago.  The Clarisse twins explain exactly where their little island in the Indian Ocean is located.  While the social butterfly Basia continued to beem from the show and compared how the previous show last night was good  but "the energy tonight was great". It was remarkable to find out how oberservant she was on stage, when stating how she noticed the security guy standing there all stiff, but when she saw the lady dancing she just wanted to have fun with her since she loves being with the fans and how exciting it is to be with them enjoying the music. 












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