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Sade Live 2011 World Tour


BACK By:   By: Art Jackson                                     Anaheim, CA

  More SADE Photos                                                           August 30, 2011


Sade Show Sizzles
The bass kicks off with "Solider of Love" which erupted the full capacity crowd at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA into roars, applause and whistles while Sade emerged from beneath the stage dresssed in all black marching in the rhythmic military steps in unison with the beat.
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After that point, the 2 hour show was filled with imagery of silhouettes of Sade and the band as a running theme as in the latest "Love Is Found" video along with curtains draping around the stage encasing the band while a montage of scenic videos ran as the band at times became integral parts of the video whether a playful Sade rolling around in flowers in the countryside to the band walking on railroad tracks then various city skyscrapers, ocean and forest views provided a visual entertainment that blended effortlessly into the backdrop all awhile your eyes tried staying fixated on the Queen of Smooth.
You could feel her enjoyment of being on stage and her fans was feeding off that energy. Her rendition of "Jezebel" was a crowd pleaser as Sade belted out the live version Hallelujah with all the force that one could imagine that brought the crowd to their feet cheering. While at one moments Sade sat on the edge of the stage to make it a more intimate moment with her fans.
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The show flowed with ease even while Sade under the cover of darkness walked off stage to do a few attire changes throught the evening as her colors ensembles for the night being either a combination of or all black, white or red outfits, as the video display continued to dazzled showing Sade at one point making a clothing change and working on changing her hair style, while we got the view as if we were peeking into her hotel room, only seeing her siloutte then the stage went totally dark and at once Sade is standing there in an elegant all white dress surronded by white chiffon chiffon curtains as the barefoot singer sang "Moon and Sky"  while gliding around the stage and singing one hit song after another, which included a playlist of 21 songs as she closed with an encore by singing "Cherished The Day".  
This tour also included R&B singer John Legend who perform for a hour, as he engaged the audience and gave one lucky lady an experience that she will never forget by picking her out of the audience and having a dance on stage which ended with John giving her a kiss and a rose.. and what did Jessica have to say at first when John asked for her name…and she replied… “Oh My God”! 
Which really was an appropriate statement for all the fans in attendance; it was one of those "OMG" nights, which everyone will remember for years to come.
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