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Festival of the Art Pagent - Exhibitors August 2011
  Glassic Art push glass to its limits. Whether as sculpture, a wall, a bathroom or design element, glass fulfills many levels of need take a moment and see glass as you may only have imagined it. 
      Jazz Concert Jeff Lorber Eric Marenthal Brian Bromberg Steve Oliver Poncho Sanchez
  See elegant musical images Here  See Scenic Laguna Beach, Soap Stars and Signings
  "I find peace and solice when I am out in the desert, its such a spiritual connection; as it inspired this piece" Even though I walk through the valey of death..." Psalm 23   
     Valley Of Death    Gary with Art Lover
"Being semi-retired now from Architectural Design allows me the freedom to do what I always wanted to do and something that I truly love doing."
Born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa. My different processes Serigraph, Linocut, or Monotype / Monoprint inspire different approaches to subject matter  
  Fred's exquisite ceramics can only be match by his love of jazz.  A true connoisseur of the fusion jazz era of the 60's and 70's Fred own's an extensive album collection.  
   Too Little Time      Too Much Time




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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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