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CD Review: Brian Hughes - Fast Train To A Quiet Place
July 30, 2011

  Release Date 07/12/11 













 Review By: Andrew Reeves 


Brian Hughes's new CD - Fast Train To A Quiet Place 
"Fast Train To A Quiet Place" is the latest addition to Brian Hughes' award winning repertoire, and is yet another demonstration of this artist's impeccable talent. Released July 12, the album is a smooth, relaxing collection of music that teases the listener as much with its sensual subtleties as with the up-beat tracks that give this album its universal appeal. From the gospel undertones of "Super Tight" to the rhythmically rich title track, the record exudes a contagious energy that has earned Hughes worldwide acclaim. Contributing their legendary skills to this project is drummer Tal Bergman, Rufus Philpot, and Ron Powell. The result of this combined artistic prowess is an album full of surprises from the first track to the very last.
The diversity of Hughes' eighth solo recording demonstrates an inspired, authentic contribution to the constantly evolving canon of modern jazz. The Latin infused "Cafe Sin Nombre" is a playfully acoustic escape, paying homage to the songs flamenco roots. "A Blanket Of Stars" however, lingers in the listeners mind like the memory of a warm bath or the scent of cherry blossoms. "Fast Train to A Quiet Place" takes the listener on an emotion-filled journey through the ebb and flow of the artist's memories and experiences. A truly unforgettable work of art.









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