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CD Review: Nick Colionne - Feel The Heat
July 12, 2011

Feel The Heat  Release Date 06/05/11 















 Review By: Andrew Reeves


The world-renowned talent of Nick Colionne is brought to bear in an album that is as versatile and unique as the man himself.  "Feel The Heat", released July 5th is the artist’s debut contribution to the “Trippin n Rhythm” label and seventh in a repertoire of chart topping records that have earned him numerous awards. This particular offering includes ten tracks of original music, many of which were written and produced by Colionne, showcasing his legendary expertise on guitar, keyboard and solo vocal arrangements.
There is little not to love about an album that marries jazz with up-tempo funk and sultry R&B. Some tracks conjure memories of sun-drenched beach parties and moonlit nights on the dance floor. Others inspire an evening of wine and romance with a loved one. Colionne’s Feel The Heat beckon’s the listener to disconnect from the daily grind and focus on what matters most. From the feel-good It’s Gonna Be Alright to Let’s Spend Some Time, Nick Colionne evokes a journey through a musical landscape that represents some of life’s most treasured moments.
"Feel The Heat" never ceases to stimulate the senses, both with its stylistic variations and the expertise Nick Colionne brings to every track. It is an exceptional contribution from an innovative and truly gifted musician.









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