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CD Review: Paul Taylor - Prime Time
July  21, 2011

Prime Time 

Release Date 06/14/11 





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 Review By: Cheryl Boone 


Paul Taylor
Prime Time
Saxophonist Paul Taylor had us heated up two years ago with “Burnin”.  Now he’s taking it to a new level with his latest release “Prime Time”.
In the heat of the summer, Paul’s first release from the CD, “Push Start” gives you a cool down, cool out and ease into the moment feeling.  On “Moment of Truth”, the slow guitar licks along with the sexiness of the sax sets the pace slow enough to allow you to gather your thoughts and reflect. “Don’t Want To Let You Go” allows you to escape in the arms of that someone special and lose yourself while Taylor’s playing caresses you.  “Can’t Nobody” supplies everything; great vocals, an ultra sexy beat, lyrics that warm the heart and fantastic sax tones.  
“Horizon” allows Taylor to get your body moving to his flawless playing, while “Laronda” will appeal to your playful yet romantic side, giving you a tropical island feeling while enjoying more great vocals. Taylor, one of the “Gentlemen of the Night”, goes slow, sexy and romantic on “Say No More”. “Space” crosses over to the R&B side of things with lyrics that keep things real when the relationship has taken a turn for the worse.   The title track, “Prime Time” delivers excellent sax work by Taylor and gets your head bobbin with its up tempo. Closing out the CD, is the dreamy “And I Love Her”.
Taylor scores major ratings with “Prime Time” and shows why after more than 15 years in the business, he’s still one of the most talented and respected saxophonist today. 
“Prime Time” is definitely one to add to your Paul Taylor collection.









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