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CD Review: Cindy Bradley - Unscripted
June 29, 2011

Unscripted  Release Date 06/21/11 





 Review By: Sandra King


The latest release of the talented Cindy Bradley, “Unscripted” is music to your heart and soul. Her smooth trumpet tones take you on a journey of relaxation and pleasure, while Cindy plays the trumpet with a passion that soothes your mind, like the sound of a flowing waterfall. 
The CD will be an attribute to any jazz lover’s collection.  Unscripted is full of energy, tasteful and a delight to your ear.   Cindy put’s feelings into each and every melody as her music shows a deep love for the trumpet as it provides a unique jazz sound that strokes your heart and calms your spirit. 
Unscripted is a fitting name for Cindy’s new CD, just sit back and enjoy the ride, there is no script, the sweet trumpet sounds will take you on a journey to anywhere you want to go!









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