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Kirk Franklin Gospel Fest in San Diego 2011
Kirk Franklin - Stomp In San Diego!!                               June 25, 2011

I titled this album 'Hello Fear' because — with everything going on in the world — it is the word and the feeling that paralyzes all of us on some level right now. In my own life, fear has been a shadow that has followed me since I was a child. But the season of running from it is over. I am turning around and speaking directly to it. This album is full of personal and painful work that invites the listener to join me on the journey of letting this familiar ‘friend’ know that his time is over.”


Kirk Franklin - “If you don’t know…now you know!”

Photos by P. A. COOK and Trevor Jacobs                   See More Photos
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 Concert Review By: Pat Cook             

Kirk Franklin… Fort Worth, Texas native, named Kirk Dwayne Franklin at birth, abandoned as a baby, adopted by his great Aunt who reinforced within him a strong belief in God and self – the now seven time Grammy Award winner, comes to San Diego to reinforce exactly what it is he possesses that gives him staying POWER!

That’s right! It all went down Saturday night, June 25th at the San Diego County Fair, Toyota Summer Concert Series. With the gospel festival event being one of the fair’s largest ticket selling days, some were turned away and missed the must see event of the summer, as freeway exits to the fairgrounds were officially closed off by 5:00 PM.  While hopeful attendees sought alternate routes to the Del Mar fairgrounds, nearly 10,000 made their way to the Heineken Grandstand Stage for the 7th Annual Gospel Festival featuring Kirk Franklin and the San Diego Power Play (a collaborative gospel music effort featuring Stefanie Kelly, Georgina De La Mora and J. Pierre).

img_1034.jpg    jpierre9.jpg   Gospel fans anixously waiting...                                              J. Pierre
San Diego based M.A.N.D.A.T.E. recording artist J. Pierre, stands by - ready for the moment he has anticipated since childhood, and once given the cue, delivers the performance of a lifetime as the opening act for the world-renowned and award winning gospel performer Kirk Franklin.
Franklin, who needs no introduction, proves that exactly, as he takes the stage un-announced! music charges, a fully hyped Franklin appears and the crowd is roaring!
With a performance that ranges from fused synergism to unabashed humility, Kirk doesn’t disappoint as he delivers his cognitive musical message about life and overcoming power - and tops off with hit after hit. For nearly two hours, the seemingly inexhaustible Franklin performs smash hits, including songs from early recordings, such as, “Melodies From Heaven”, “Silver and Gold” and “Stomp!”
There is something to be felt by everyone in Kirk Franklin’s music. It is said that Franklin may be the best known gospel artist outside of gospel music, due to his high profile and willingness to bring contemporary sounds to spiritual music - blackamericaweb.com (2011). His music incorporates sounds of Contemporary Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop and traditional Gospel. While not rendering much his singing “ability” to his music, Kirk is extremely vocal and “live” in every performance. He possesses a tenacious ability to get you up on your feet and join him in this liberating, rapturous celebration of life.
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Leaving you wanting more… Kirk shouts, “San Diego, can I come back next year?”… upon receiving the ten minute “wrap it up” cue. You had to be there to experience the audiences’ response, but I will say that this performance was like having a live experience of your favorite music video, not wanting it to end – and eagerly anticipating an encore.  “Yes, Kirk Franklin, we definitely want you back next year!”
“Hello Fear”, the latest release from Kirk Franklin includes songs, “I Am”, “Before I Die” and the hit single “I Smile, which he performed on this seasons American Idol finale with Jacob Lusk the lovely Gladys Knight!
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