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Playboy Jazz Festival 2011 Pictures & Interviews
“Jazz is the true American art form, and its what I grew up on, its America’s roots, its my roots. When I was growing up, it was all you heard on the radio, pop music was jazz”.
 Hugh Hefner 
buddyguyplayboy06121112793.jpg  Buddy Guy cosplayboy061111100.jpg  Bill Cosby playboy0612111img_2390.jpg  Crowd  diannereevesplayboy061111189.jpg  Dianne Reeves
 eddiepalimerisalsaorchestraplayboy061111160.jpg  Eddie Palimere fourplaybobjamesplayboy06111152.jpg  Bob James fourplayharveymasonplayboy06111189944.jpg  Harvey Mason fourplaynathaneastplayboy06111189942.jpg  Natan East
fourplaychuckloebplayboy06111189941.jpg  Chuck Loeb ronnielawsharmony3playboy061211img_2642.jpg  "Harmony 3" Ronnie Laws walterbeasleyharmony3playboy061211img_2671.jpg  "Harmony 3" Walter Beasley  stanleyjordanharmony3playboy061211img_2739.jpg  "Harmony 3" Stanley Jordan
 playboyhollywoodbowl061111001.jpg  Hollywood Bowl Crowd  naturally7playboy061211img_2378.jpg  Naturally 7  terranceblanchardplayboy061211img_1893.jpg  Terrance Blanchard  therootsplayboy061111899520.jpg  The Roots
   And Many More....   
Hollywood, CA                   June 13,  2011                     Photos by: Mann
Interview in the Press Room with  Hugh Hefner     
What makes this festival such a success?
Hugh: With the combination of the glamour of the Hollywood Bowl, Playboy and Jazz is just a natural.
What is the music listened to in the mansion?
Hugh: Well I pick all the music in the house, so we listen to a lot of Sacmo.
Is there anyone at this year’s festival that you are looking forward in seeing?
Hugh: Naturally 7” who perform here last year were amazing.
How involved are you with the new TV Series “The Playboy Club”?
Hugh: Very involved, it airs this September on NBC as a drama, I like to call it, “Madmen with Bunnies”. We had the cast and crew at the mansion a few days ago to run the pilot to a host of friends. And a former secretary, playmate Joyce  who was a bunny in the 1960’s came up to me teary eye as it hit so many nostalgic buttons for her.
What is the relationship between you and Bill Cosby the comedian?
Hugh: I have been friends with Bill since the 60’s, when I started the magazine in 1953 in Chicago, I would finished my work day, and go to the clubs where most of my friends were comedians and jazz musicians, Cos just gives it that special touch.
In the end would you rather be known for Jazz or Bunnies?
Hugh: Both, I would like to think that I am a well rounded person and this year, so many wonderful things is happening all at once. A few weeks ago I just came back from London, where we re-opened the “London Playboy Club”, in one week I am about to get married, and this year is literally the Chinese year of the Rabbit and celebrating my 83rd birthday, so I am dancing as fast as I can.
terranceblanchardplayboy061211img_1923.jpg Interview in his Dressing Room withTerence Blanchard        
SJM: What was your inspiration in being apart of the movie "Red Tails" depicting the Tuskegee airmen?
Terence: That’s what I am working on now. The music score was produced in Prague, the whole story is an exciting story pays homage to their effort and everything that they given. It was interesting working on that movie; I had a twight light moment, I was sitting in my studio writing the music for one of the last scenes, and then it struck me, I am working with one of the biggest directors in Hollywood, here I am sitting in my house in my home studio because of these guys who gave their lives and made a statement not only about Americans but African-Americans and that wasn’t lost on me, and made it even more important for me to get it right.
SJM: As you are writing the score, what is your process for developing the score?
Terence: You try and get intimately involved with the story so you watch the film a number of times, to feel the pace and understand how the director put it together, but this particular story is one that most of us know so I tried to make the film as strong as possible and pay homage to them. Doing World War II music, a lot of brass, a lot of percussion and then I wanted to pay homage to them as Afro-American and mixed in orchestra choir, big military drum session, big military brass section and I created an African percussion to be the driving force for all that stuff, the whole idea is to bring all these cultures together because this is what they did, those guys made a powerful statement on the capabilities of all of us.
SJM: It’s a pack crowd of jazz fans at the festival today, but I want to get your thoughts of the Grammy’s not having their usual kick-off to their Grammy week with an opening night of jazz, and the lack of exposure for the music.
Terence: There are a lot of issues that needs to be tackled; I believe they even cut off their Latin Jazz category for next year. Its unfortunate because its America’s music, and it should be even more obvious to NARs now that records sales is starting to even up, when I say even up we are still not competing in terms of numbers with but when Herbie won album of the year, the other candidates only sole 1 to 2 millions albums that year, not like the days when Michael Jackson sole 30 million record in a year, so that in itself says a lot to where music is going and the way that the internet is giving people free access to a lot of things as you look at guys in the Hip Hop community it speaks volume on how NARs should look at a broad base of music?









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