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CD Review: Steve Cole - Moonlight
January 29, 2011



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February 01, 2011





 Review By: Andrew Reeves


Steve Cole, in his eighth studio album returns to his roots with a record that pays tribute to some of the most popular hits of the 20th century. Moonlight, Cole’s first record with Mack Avenue Records/Artistry Music, featuring favorites such as Burt Bacharach’s The Look of Love and Sarah McLachlan’s Angel. Cole incorporates an orchestral foundation with his own unique style; breathing new life into a selection of pop classics that defined an era.
Throughout the album, hints of string instruments and woodwinds compliment the melody in a manner that just feels natural. The masterful control and seemingly effortless precision with which he crafts this listening experience is nothing short of unbridled talent. After more than a decade doing what he loves, Steve Cole proves once again, after hundreds of thousands of albums sold, that he’s still got it. With this intricate musical tapestry, Cole’s instrument accompanies the listener on a journey that endures long after the last note fades.









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