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CD Review: Keiko Matsui - The Road...
January 11, 2011



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January 25, 2011











 Review By: Dennis Kouchi


Keiko Matsui’s CD, "The Road..." is her newest release in four years. Produced under a new record label, Shanachie Entertainment, it is vividly composed and brilliantly executed with a melodic elegance that has made Keiko so renowned and loved.

The opening track, “Secret Pond,”…sets the tone in a special place. It allows the listener freedom to reflect on one’s path and existence, journeys traveled near and far in the mind’s eye, and of life’s destiny- a soul searching tapestry of sound and timeless essence.
With “Falcon’s Wing,”…you can feel the vibe as the piece takes flight, soars, glides, and accelerates effortlessly, leaving one free to visually take in their surroundings and revel in the freedom from constraints and control. It captures the spirit and movements of the magnificent creature allowing the listener to become one with the Falcon.

The West African (Cameroonian) influence of bassist, Richard Bona “Nguea Wonja,”…caresses the collaborative and moving spirituality of the rhythm; it is the heartbeat of the soul. It is so enchanting as to allow the signature sounds of Keiko to shine through- alive, vibrant and omnipresent.

"The Road…" is all about discovery. The discovery of ones journey through life, enriched with ambitious desires and embracing wonderful collaborative encounters. A journey that ascends peacefully and steadfastly through time, passing above and beyond the limits of our own destinations and secret places. It universally transcends the boundaries of our musical and spiritual beings. The accomplished sounds of Keiko Matsui in "The Road,"… are resonantly beautiful, harmoniously engaging, and superbly orchestrated…Keiko is truly a gift and life-force that will be remembered throughout the ages.

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