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The Asian American Music Festival 2010

The Asian American Music Festival 2010 

   Sachal Vasandani    October 17, 2010    Charmaine Clamor

  Photos By: Mann       

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  October 17, 2010

By: Art Jackson

Held in downtown Los Angeles within the "Little Tokoyo District" at the Japanese American National Museum, the 3-day event is the world’s leading festival celebrating Asian American music: jazz, world, hip-hop and beyond featuring concerts, dance, and educational programming.

On the final evening of the program, two rising stars with their own brand of jazz closed out the event as Sachal Vasandani with his sophisticated delivery style and lyrical muse toggles from Bobby Caldwell, Michael Franks and Kurt Elling and Charmaine Clamor and her Killin' Sweethearts with a range from sultry to swing with her form of "Jazzipino" were excellent choices to close out this music festival.

With emcee Bubba Jackson dropping knowlege on the 2nd Annual Asian Music Festival the jazz lovers that came out in the lite Sunday Los Angeles rain were treated to intimate performances as both artists spent time giving warm and casual interaction interludes between songs as the energy and repoire was felt between both the artists and audience.




As Sachal came on stage he was only accompanied by his Gutarist "Nir Felder," Sachal stage presence of strolling away from the mic to the front row of seats and back made for a genuwine rapport with the audience as each song selection was enjoyable from new material that has never been heard before to selections from his "Eyes Wide Open"  and "We Move" CDs.  He varied from deep vocials to lite hearted scats that tickled the listeners, his delivery was smooth, in fact you could hold on to every word as they rolled off his tongue.

Seemingly with an unlimited amount of material to choose from Sachal said "I will keep on singing until I get the hook", which brought laughter and applause from the crowd. For all the adjectives you can use for describing a relaxing evening you will want to say them after experiening Sachal Vasandani.  


With a horn section, percussionists and piano the stage was set for grandure and Charmaine delievered. The personable Filipina fresh off the release of her 4th CD "Something Good" which was the perfect metaphor for her show.  Inviting, warm and jovial while singing "Doodlin' in Taglish" as she air writes while singing between english and tagalog. Her set including musical mixtures of big band-world-soul-and a jazzy tune with "Feelin Stevie" was a delight. While honoring Mother Earth Charmaine first single "Flow" from her current CD was a reminder to us all how delicate our planet is. With a brief introduction of her brass and piano musicians for an exit stage left, her next set went into the smokey filled blusy tunes, then to lite and airy of the rhythums from the bass and percussions left everyone wanting more. Her radiant smile, upbeat spirit and tons of energy never broke a sweat with the return of the rest of the band back onto the stage along with a duet with Sachal propelled the energy level even higher.

As the event closed the two artists took time to mingle with fans after the show, showing both of their passion for their love of both music and the patrons of their style of jazz.



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